Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Family


It seems the origins of my family are somewhat uncertain. Of course I had a mum, but the problem was all the dads I had. Every time she went for a walk at a certain time of the month, I would get another half brother or sister and few months later, and mum lost interest in sons and daughters of my generation. Even my litter sister Nera was not exactly a sister, but a half sister. But my adopted brother, Curly, was a different case. Now he knew exactly who his family were. They left nothing to chance. If you are born a Selkirk Rex, then you keep it in the family.

Cooli und Lucy2

Fluffy is now living his 10th life in the eternal corn chambers, keeping it mouse free, but he would always show off, and even had a photo of his mum and dad, which he left me for the family tree. His family left nothing to chance, His dad, Coolman – on the left, was a Selkirk Rex, and his mum, Lucy – on the right, was also one of them. Naturally Fluffy was a full Selkirk Rex and did he show off about it. He even had papers to prove it, although I never saw them. He just said he had them. And I can tell you that Coolman was father to many. I was not really impressed, being a real Tabby cat, with the Macdonalds “M”, but Fluffy had curls. Although I had to remind him that he never really had whiskers. Every time they grew, they were like corkscrews and a couple of days later they would break: a feline with no whiskers was not a real feline.

I would say family is overrated, we felines live for I, me and myself. As soon as the milk taps dry out, mum gives you a push and gets ready for the next bunch of kittens.

Feline RdP Wednesday: Feline Family