Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Sibling


I once met a feline
He said he was my brother
How shall I know?
I could not ask my mother
She had so many kittens
Eventually she lost count
There were all shapes and sizes
And a very large amount
They all looked so different
One was bigger than my mum
She said the dad was a maine coon
And he really was not dumb
My sister was quite black
and her fur was very long
She was the leader of the pack
And was also very strong
I also had two brothers
Do not know where they are
Mum said it does not matter
They did not say au revoir
We never knew our dads
It was all a one night stand
Mum said it was better that way
It was all so very unplanned
So do not talk of siblings
With cats it is unknown
I, me and myself is the main thing
I live in my own zone

Feline RDP Wednesday: Sibling

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Exchange


I decided to change my sleeping place
The sun has gone from here
It has moved away from my territory
and might even disappear
I am now guarding my private spaces
To protect it from other cats
Never trust another feline
They are not such diplomats
I noticed that Roschti was moving in
I was really not so keen
I told him this space is for I, me and myself
He meowed that I was mean
And then we had a little talk
which developed to a paw fight
Roschti left,  with a loud meow
Because I threatened with a bite
Felines definitely do not exchange
We prefer to take it over
There is no discussion or change of mind
We do not allow a stopover

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Exchange

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Island


I have found a new island
Mrs. Human calls it a settee
The name is not so important
It is warm enough for me
I have my favourite blanket
Which suits my noble race
Surrounded by soft leather
This is an ideal place
I can sleep for hours
Disappear into a trance
I am so very special
It matches my feline stance

Feline RDP Wednesday:Feline Island

Feline RDP Wednesday: Breathtaking Feline


I am breathtaking
Moments of bliss to see me
The perfect feline

“Anothter flaiku Tabby”

“I cannot help it Mrs. Human, it flows in my whiskers.”

“But you always talk about yourself.”

“I know, but who is interested in someone else?”

“Of course Tabby, the world revolves around Tabby.”

Feline RDP Wednesday: Breathtaking Feline

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Splash


Meow splash meow
Water stays beneath the paw
Obeys my commands

“Tabby what is that supposed to mean?”

“Mrs. Human, that is a genuine flaiku.”

“A flaiku?”

“I got the idea from my cousin Hiroshi in Tokyo. He said that all Japanese felines write flaikus, the humans borrowed the idea and call them haiku, but the meow versions are more genuine. It expresses the power of a feline over the splash syndrome.”

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Splash