Feline RDP Wednesday: Busy Feline


I am always busy
I really have no time
Imagine the energy I spend
To keep it all in line
I have a bowl of food
A task I have to beat
I usually begin in the middle
To ensure that I can eat
And after this work of love
I have to take a rest
My jaws are so exhausted
from the energy I invest
My next work is recycling
I must paw to cover it all
Mrs. Human empties my tray
For this work I am too small
An then inspect my territory
Oh the work I must endure
Life is hard for a feline
Of that I am very sure
At last at the end of the day
I make an effort to summon my powers
And now the best part arrives
I sleep for twenty-three hours

Feline RDP Wednesday: Busy Feline

Feline RDP Wednesday: Perspicacious Feline


Yes that’s me
down to a “T”,
The smartest cat on the block
I know all the answers,
a real freelancer
As reliable as a rock
I am very wise,
On me no flies
But that is plain to see
If they fly around,
I catch them with a paw
That is the talented me
You have a problem,
The mice have fled
I will hunt them down for food
Just give me tuna
Not later, but sooner
And I will have a good mood
Do not weep,
I will now have a sleep
To dream of the purpose of lives
It is quite clear,
no need to fear
So give me deserved high fives

Feline RDP Wednesday: Perspicacious Feline

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Articulation


Meow your meows with a loud clear voice
Make sure you are heard, give no-one a choice
You must leave an impression on the human race
Be sure they won’t forget you, you are the ace
Scratch on the bedroom door, let them all awake
Do not let them sleep, your meows should not be fake
Mix them with a hiss, articulate meow-wow
Humans are your slaves and to you they must bow
And when they are awake and open up the door
You can now relax, you have completed your chore
“What is wrong Tabby?” the Mrs. Human says
“Nothing, why?” is your answer, she must learn your ways
You have made your point, loudly articulated
The human shakes her head, but your meow has been stated
And once more we have proven, humans need not to rest
The feline always a paw ahead, we really are the best

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Articulation

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Thief


Typical, never trust a feline and I should know. That is Roschti, and he owns the family next door. I organise Mrs. Human to make sure that I always have a bowl of fresh water outside to quench my thirst. What do I see, Roschti drinking my water. Typical no respect for my property. Even the birds decide to take a drink now and again. If it was not for my generosity they would all be starving around here. On the other paw whilst Roschti is busy drinking my water I could take a walk to his territory and see if there is anything up for grabs.

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Thief

Feline RDP Wednesday: Abandoned Feline


“There you are again Tabby. Every evening you sit in the same place and stare at me.”

“I am making sure that you do not forget Mrs. Human.”

“Forget what?”

“My food of course. Since the nice visit to the lovely lady at the vet, I get my special meal every evening and I am making sure that you do not abandon the idea. At last you realise that food is not only vitamin pellets but some real bites of real meat with nice juice on the side.”

“I didn’t think you liked vets.”

“Not since the vet realises my special needs are in the shape of meat that is the real thing and not dehydrated tasteless pellets..”

“That is because you are now on a special diet Tabby.”

“But I have to remind you every evening to serve it. Twice last week you forgot and began your own meal and there was I forgotten and dying of hunger.”

“Tabby you still have your pellets if you are hungry and I still have to get into the routine of serving your special dish in the evening. And dying of hunger is a little exaggerated.”

“That is why I remind you, by giving you the look.”

“Yes, Tabby, and giving me a guilt complex when I forget.”

“That is feline psychology Mrs. Human. The special stare that humans get when we feel abandoned and forgotten. After all we felines are the most important event in a human life. Where would you be without us Mrs. Human.”

“Still in the trees eating bananas?”

“Yes, of course Mrs Human. You have learned your history lesson according to the felines very well, so do not forget my special food in the evening.”

“Of course not Tabby.”

Feline RDP Wednesday: Abandoned Feline

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Dalate


“Tabby, nothing to write today?”

“No Mrs. Human. I speak meow and took the trouble to learn human, but now there are words that do not exist in meow and even you had to search in a human dictionary to see what it was all about. I prefer to play my piano. Even without opposable thumbs I can compose a tune.”

“Although it does not sound very harmonious.”

“I composed it myself and am calling it the Dalate symphony because it is out of tune.  Come on Mrs. Human, you can do better that to expect me to compose a blog about a word that no-one ever uses. Why don’t you write something.?”

“I have Tabby.”

“Big deal, but you were shaking your head all the time and started at least three times. Write about something more sensible like tuna fish, talking walls, or how to empty a recycling tray, but “dalate”. I decided to “dalate” my blog today would be a good start. Even your computer is underlining it in red.”

“The word is “dalate” and not delete.”

“Let us not discuss one single letter difference. I do not understand it, you do not understand it and no-one ever uses it.  How would it be if I gave you the subject of “meowkapurrdip”.”

“That is not a word Tabby.”

“It is in meow and is one of the most important items in the life of a feline.”

“Then explain it Tabby.”

“No way. There are words and words and some are not meant for the human ear. You do not have to know all our feline secrets.”

“OK, then I will not tell you what “dalate” means.”

“Of course you won’t, for the simple reason that you do not know.”

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Dalate

Feline RDP Wednesday: Euphoniuous Feline


A meow here and a meow there
Singing for my supper but no-one has a care
I am waiting for the sounds of the opening of the bag
Where the delicious odours spill out to make my tail wag
It is full of juicy food, I really must succumb
If only I did not have paws but an opposable thumb
Then I would not have to wait, and do it all myself
I always have to remind Mrs. Human to take it from the shelf
I only lick the juice, the meat I leave for later
I like the taste to mature, because it is much greater
Meow-o-wow-wow a euphonious song I sing
So get the food ready and let the flavours spring

Feline RDP Wednesday: Euphoniuous Feline