Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Sanctuary


Who am I looking at? Mrs. Human of course. Actually I was in one of my favourite sanctuaries (don’t tell her) getting ready for a sleep on her bed. She was already sleeping and so I joined her as every day after the human lunch. We felines eat lunch when we fell like it, but humans seem to have fixed times. Anyhow, so routined as she is, she goes to bed afterwards and I join her. She awoke and the first thing she did was to take this telephone camera thing she has and begin to take photos of me as I was also awake.


Here is my profile. It was a real portrait session but it is clear when a feline is as beautiful as I am that I am the perfect model.

I decided to leave as she was now awake and visit my sanctuary in the bathroom. There is a nice small carpet on the floor, just my size, and the floor is heated. Now what could be better. I also have a sanctuary on the armchair in the living room and in summer I have four chairs to choose from outside. I now even have a wall to sit on and observe my territory, what could be better.

And now it is feeding time, my bowl is my food sanctuary. My new diet means fresh food in the evening and no more pellets and I saw a delivery of tuna, all packed in packets for me. What could be better

Feline RDP Saturday: Feline Sanctuary

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Sanctuary

Tabby 03.07 (2)

“Mrs. Human, sit somewhere else, I need isolation. A place for myself where I can relax and let my medidtative thoughts carry me to another place.”

“I am sorry Tabby? I know I am a mere human, but this place you call “my home” does happen to belong to me as well. I also live here and at the moment I am siting on the porch”

“Ok, but stay on the porch and do not walk around my sanctuary in the garden at the moment.”Where are you going now?”

“I am going into the living room. There is something I want to look at.”

“OK, but avoid treading on the carpet, I will be laying there this evening.”

“But at the moment you are laying on the lawn.”

“In the evening it will be carpet time, my inside sactuary, and I really do not want human foot prints all over it.”

“In that case I will have a lay down on my bed.”

“No, that will not work. Laying down on the bed is only for after lunch sleeps and now it is the middle of the afternoon.”

“I did not realise I would have to ask your permission Tabby.”

“Of course not, you should just consider my needsĀ but it would be ok now, Just remember to reserve a place for me next to you when you take your next midday sleep. We must have organisation, cannot have humans taking over my private places when they feel like it and I need a place belonging to my meditative moments.”

“Am I allowed to fill your food bowl with perhaps some tuna fish or is that another part of your sanctuary.”

“Don’t ask silly questions Mrs. Human, my bowl filled with tuna fish is my sanctuary.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Sanctuary