Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Sandwich


You find all sorts of interesting life under those leaves, especially after rain. Nothing really worth a sandwich, although I quite like sandwiching a bird or mouse between two paws. In my younger days there was no problem, but as the years go it seems the mice become quicker, birds fly higher, or perhaps it might be me. Not even the butterflies oblige today.I used to take high jump and clap my paws together and there they were sandwiched and ready for a take away meal. I am sure they now laugh watching from a leaf.

My active days are now gone, but I still have the memories, although I had a lot to learn. I remember my first mouse, sandwiched in my paws. He pleaded with me to let him go telling me about his family with the 10 kids and wife waiting for him to come home with some food. Of course being soft hearted and understanding as I am, I let him go and even stupid  let him take a few of my vitamin hard pellets with him, although he also did me a favour. No self-respecting feline eats such food voluntarily. I eventually managed to cut a deal with him and his tribe. I would give him my vitamin pellets in exchange for cat mint that he would bring from the neighbour’s garden.

And now I am left at the mercies of Mrs. Human. What happens if she forgets to feed me, does not empty my recycling tray or does not fill my bowl with fresh water.  I am now sandwiched between the duties of a human and my own instincts. On the other paw, my instincts tell me that humans have only one purpose in life, to care for felines, so what’s the problem.

“Mrs. Human, is my tuna fish dinner ready?”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Sandwich