Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Shadow


“Not one of my best portraits Mrs. Human. My true beauty and aura is not visible.”

“I chose the photo to symbolise the theme of this blog – feline shadow and it was the only photo where you had a shadow. The delicate way you lifted your paw, its reflection was a masterpiece. I really took a super shadow photo.”

“Mrs. Human, when you are finished with your self praise, perhaps you will remember that this blog is all about I, me and myself. I will never leave a mark in the feline landscape when your only problem is taking a photo at the right time and place for your own benefit. Humans can really be narcissistic sometimes.”

“Tabby, where did you get that word?”

“The same place where you get your words when your human brain no longer functions on its own, in Internet of course. I was actually thinking “selfish”, but decided on something more expressive of my poetical talents.”

“I thought “selfish” did not exist in meow.”

“Exactly, no feline is selfish. We always think of three people, I, me and myself. What could be better.?”

“I sometimes have  a feeling that you tend to interpret the facts of the matter according to your own method.”

“The point is I have a method. If only humans were so well organised, life would be much easier.”

“Tabby I organise my life around your needs. You always have a full food bowl and plenty of water to drink. Other felines would be glad.”

“I am not “other feline” I am the hub and focus of your being. And now for dinner. What is that?”

“A special offer at the supermarket, minced chicken with tarragon.”

“Oh, did you mince it yourself and pick the tarrogon in the garden.”

“No Tabby, it arrived in the paket ready for consumption.”

“Ok, I will try it, but the next time I would apprediate a little human home cooking. I am not keen on food constructed somewhere in the shadows of a factory.”

“Yes Tabby, of course Tabby.”

“You may now stand up Mrs. Human, and go. I will call if I have any futher needs.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Shadow