Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Simplicity


“Mrs. Human, I had a dream.”

“I suppose you would Tabby. When you sleep at least 23 hours a day you must dream a lot.”

“No Mrs. Human, I do not mean that sort of feline meditative dream, I had an action dream where you are involved as my assistant.”

“What do I have to do now, I do not have room for a fish tank to keep your own tuna fish.”

“No Mrs. Human, life does not revolve around tuna fish, at least not all the time, only when I am hungry.”

“Ok, so what is your wish.”

“I do not have wishes, only needs. You must build a wall around my territory to keep out the invaders and foreign elements.”

“Sorry, do what?”

“A wall. If I have my own wall, life will be so much better for all.I will not have to share with other felines that always want to invade my territory. They drink from my water bowl and Roschti, the neighbour’s feline has even eaten vitamin pellets from my food bowl inside when you leave the window open.”

“No Tabby, I do not build walls. I am not living in a place where we need walls to keep others out.”

“But other humans command it to be done. And you should build the wall now, there is no time to lose, before they begin to arrive and intrude and move in on my territory.”

“Tabby we have two or three felines also living here, so there is no danger that they will possess your territory. They have their own territory where they live. Forget it. And Roschti only ate some vitamin pellets from your bowl. I thought you did not like them.”

“That is not the point Mrs. Human, what’s mine is mine. Other felines are different, they smell different, and some even have other sorts of whiskers or are fluffy.”

“No Tabby, does not come into the question that I am surrounding the garden with a wall. And who is going to pay for the wall.”

“I thought you would pay at the beginning, but afterwards we could charge the invaders to pay a share a well.”

“How do you want to do that. If there is a wall that prevents them from entering, they certainly will not pay for it”

“You are the human, you can organise that part of it.”

“And what about the mice that live on the other side of the wall, and the birds that sit in the trees on the other side of the wall. They will no longer be available. You will be stuck behind the wall alone and no longer be able to share everything outside the wall.”

“Oh, that part was not in my dream. I only dreamt that there was a wall to keep everyone out.”

“Think about it Tabby, walls are not always the answer. You will be missing a lot if you are walled in. And you will definitely no longer be allowed to enter the territory belonging to the other felines. They might build a wall as well.”

“Ok forget the wall, I was just being progressive.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Simplicity

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Simplicity


“Mrs. Human, let me in.”

“I’m coming Tabby, just a little patience.”

“Patience does not exist in meow, we interpret it by “at once”. What do you think you are doing? Your slave leader is sitting outside in front of the window, I am tired and want my favourite sleeping place and you are taking photos of me. I order you to open the window.”

“Yes immeditely Tabby, sorry for the delay, but the first two photos were not so clear and not fit for today’s blog. I think I have now captured the real “you”. Look Tabby, isn’t that a wonderful photo.”

“Yes great, I can use it as proof.”


“Yes when I report you to the Society for breaching feline copyright laws when taking photos of felines in deperate situations.”

“But Tabby, you were not desperate, perhaps just a little impatient.”

“I was very much impatient, hisss, And I was desperate. I was missing my favourite TV programme. There is an international football match.”

“Who are you supporting in the match?”

“Supporting? the football of course. I follow it with my eyes and whiskers and it never escapes my vision.”

“I though you might have a favourite team?”

“Just a moment Mrs. Human, I have to look up that word in my Meow-human dictionary and just as I thouht. Another word not admitted to the meow vocabulary. I knew that we felines do not recognise teams, it is I, me and myself. The ball is there for a training purpose to keep us awake, follow with the eyes and ready to pounce if necessary.”

“But my team have just scored a goal, they are winning.”

“Big deal, and now what do I get for compensation?”

“Compensation for what?”

“For my wait in the freezing cold in front of the window.”

“But the sun was shining.”

“Do not change the subject Mrs. Human. One of the first rules here is “obey the feline”, do I make myself clear And now serve me a bowl of salmon to compensate.”

“No tuna Tabby?”

“Now and again I like variety in my diat. You can garnish it with a pinch of tarragon and perhaps a dash of turmeric, but do not foget the catnip on the side.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Simplicity