Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Tradition


“Sleeping again Tabby?”

“Mrs. Human I am upholding one of our family’s traditions.”

“You mean sleeping is a tradition. I thought is was normal to sleep. Is it in favour of a festival or a special occurrence in the feline year.”

“I suppose you could say that Mrs. Human. We celebrate every day, it is an anchored tradition in the feline life. Sleep has been cultivated for many years in the feline way of life. Have you ever seen a feline with insomnia?”

“Well come to think of it, Not really.”

“You see Mrs. Human, the word does not even exist in meow. How can you describe a feline that does not sleep. We uphold the tradition daily, only having a paws (sorry pause) for  food and a territorial inspection. All felines maintain

this tradition, no matter where they are. As the Dalai Whiskers said “Sleep is the best meditation” and we felines are the experts.”

“You meditate when sleeping?”

“Of course. I meditate about when to awake and if my bowl of tuna fish will be ready. I meditate about my next sleeping session  and I meditate about my next wash, whether to lick my ears first or my tail and which position is the most beneficial for my next sleep.

Our traditions are to be planned with method. And now if you will excuse me I wish to sleep further, traditionally of course. I will now change my position into clockwise. My anti-clockwise movements have now been executed to full satisfaction.”

Feline RDP Wednesday: Feline Tradition

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Tradition


“Tabby, are you breaking with tradition?”

“I didn’t break anything, it wasn’t me, it was the dog.”

“Tabby we don’t have a dog.”

“Then it must have been the feline next door.”

“No, Tabby, no-one broke anything, it is just a figurative way of speaking.”

“Sound like a waste of words to me. Wake me when it is time to eat.”

“But that is the break with the tradition.”

“I don’t get fed?”

“No Tabby, you never sleep on that chair.”

“Never say never Mrs. Human, it depends how the mood takes me. I thought I would try it out, but close the window, there is a draught.

“Of course Tabby. Tabby where are you going, I have closed the window.”

“I have changed my mind and would prefer to sleep outside on my garden chair. It is more comfortable.”

“By the way can you tell me what that dead mouse was doing under the table outside.”

“It was probably doing nothing if it was dead. Do you mean that mouse with the head missing.”

“Yes, exactly.”

“It was the dog.”

“Tabby we do not have a dog.”

“Then it was the cat next door.”

“I seem to have had this conversation before.”

“Yes life does tend to repeat itself.”

“Where is the mouse now?”

“I put it in the garbage.”

“You did what? That would have served nicely for supper.”

“So you killed the mouse?”

“I don’t bite heads off, I always save the best until last.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Feline Tradition