Daily Feline Prompt: Floating Cats?


“Tabby, are you going to stay in the bathroom all day.”

“I might, have not yet come to a decision.”

“But other people want to use the bathroom and you are in a silly place.”

“Humans are constantly in silly places, but I never complain Mrs. Human, I make the most of it. You could oblige by just moving around me, then I would not “be in the way” as you say.”

“You could be a little more considerate.”

“Considerate does not exist in meow.”

“But it exists in human speech”

“Who cares. I am comfortable here. I thought the carpet was for the sole purpose of making my position more comfortable. I must say having a heated floor is also ideal. You can go to your shower room and I do not even mind if you visit my cat tray.”

“Oh thanks Tabby, big deal. Why do you not retire to your cat tray.”

“Beause it does not have a nice soft carpet, but full of something called “cat litter”. I prefer to float in my meditative thoughts in the bathroom. My tray does not encourage a feeling of warmth and transcendential floaing on other levels. It is too basic and down to earth. As the great feline philosopher Whiskers Mharashi Mahesh Yoga said “The feline University of meditation will create felines who will float in happiness, success and fulfillment” and I am on my way if you would not constantly intervene when I am floating in existentialism. And switch the light off when you go, it disturbs the patterns of my thoughts.”

“Of course Tabby, your wish is my command”.

Daily Feline Prompt: Floating Cats?