Daily Feline Prompt: High Feline Noon

At noon today, take a pause in what you’re doing or thinking about. Make a note of it, and write a post about it later.

Gr�gu sleeping

“Look Tabby, that was me at noon.”

“Of course it was, so I don’t really get the hang of this. It is definitely a human thing, this noon. Noons are there for sleeping, so are mornings and afternoons, and most of the night. Taking a break is nothing special.”

“Now and again we do take breaks Tabby.”

“For what?”

“Have you never had that feeling that there is something missing in your feline life. Something you must do. Finish a job that we have begun.”

“Not really Fluffy, I don’t do jobs, I exist and therefore I am.”

“Keep all that philosophy stuff to yourself Tabby, When you speak on a higher level, it confuses my whiskers.”

“Fluffy there is a purpose in a feline life, many purposes and it is good to think about them. The famous Chinese philosopher, Felucious said “To spend time sleeping is a gift, but to spend time searching for a place to sleep is a reward.”

“So what is the meaning of those wise words Tabby.?”

“It is obvious. Every moment we sleep is a gift to our intelligence, but our time to sleep is limited, so how do we fill the remaining hours of the day when we have slept.”

“We eat tuna fish?”

“Not exactly Fluffy, that is a once a week occasion.”

“We mark our territory.”

“That is just a natural process. No Fluffy, we have slept and with the time that remains, in between eating and hunting, we search for a place to sleep.”

“Of course Tabby, how stupid of me. By the way Mr. Human removed the feline play centre.”

“I know, I never really stooped to using it, it is a human idea that we felines must have a play center. We do not play, we study and learn and …..”

“And sleep, yes, but Tabby, I sometimes sleep on the cat play center.”

“That is your problem.”

“Tabby I have found a new place to sleep, much better.”


“On that nice comfortable chair that Mr. Human uses when he watches that box with the moving pictures.”

“Good idea Fluffy. Do not forget everything we know is feline philosphy: When we are hungry, we eat. When we are tired, we sleep and when we go to the vet’s, we pee on our humans and the vet.”

Daily Feline Prompt: High Feline Noon