Feline RDP Thursday: Hirsute Feline


I am cleaning my fur with a very sharp tongue
There are too many hairs that get into my lung
Mrs. Human says it different, I have hair on my teeth
It means I am self confident, my claws are in a sheath
You really do not want to know, but my findings I will share
Licking fur hair by hair you really must take care
I once sat on a snail, it did not want to leave
A lick was done,  fur stuck on my tongue through my nose I could not breathe
I also found a tic that was filling up with blood, I gave it a shake and it fell into the mud
And if you sit on ants, they can be so very itchy
I have to roll in the dirt, because they make me twitchy
My fur can be a paradise for creatures big and small
But I have my own method and rub myself on the wall
And now you know why walls are my friends through thick and thin
They help to expel the passengers I carry, for fur that is a win

Feline RDP Thursday: Hirsute Feline