Daily Feline Prompt: Irrelevant Feline

Tabby 22.09 (1)

“Mrs. Human, it is a big jump for a feline, but a small one for the importance of the feline race.”

“Then perhaps it would be better if you walked to the other side of your home, where you can enter through the cat flap.”

“That is all a matter of being relevant or irrelevant, according to the words of Bastet. The distance that I jump is irrelevant, but the fact that I reach the other side is an achievement for the feline race. Of course I could fall into the abyss in between, even lose a few whiskers on the way, but the fact that I am maintaining the importance of the feline race by actually attempting this jump is an achievement.”

“But you could have an accident on the way.”

“Is that what the feline on the ship carrying Christoper Columbus to his discovery of the New ¬†World thought? Of course not. He knew the ship would continue and he arrived with Christopher Columbus to populate the American continent with the first felines. It was a short ride to the American coast in a canoe, but a large one for the American feline conquerers. The first felines arrived and soon a each tepee had its own feline. That was how we conquered the New World Mrs. Human. We were fearless and fought bravely. Did I tell you about how we helpe George Washington to become the first president…….”

“Tabby I think you are now overdoing it. It was not the felines that conquered the world, but the humans.”

“Yes well every race has its own version of the way things were achieved I suppose, so dream on Mrs. Human and in between prepare a dish of tuna fish to sustain me after I conquer the abyss between my home and the outside world.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Irrelevant Feline