Daily Feline Prompt: My Feline FavoUrite

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favoUrite person? Tell us about it.

Tabby posing for a photo

“Tabby where have you been?”

“I was taking a walk Mrs. Human.”

“But you have been missing since this morning, I was worried.”

“Worried does not exist in meow, so no problem.”

“Worried exists int he human language Tabby.”

“That is your problem Mrs. Human. I left my home this morning to take a walk in the fresh air and saw Roschti. I decided to avoid Roschti as he was in a hissy mood and I was not ready for a fight. I am a peace loving feline and avoid trouble where I can. Roschti is bigger than me.”

“But you could have returned Tabby?”

“The problem was that between me and my cat flap Roschti was sitting and I decided to make a detour. On the way I nearly fell over a hole in the ground. I noticed the hole was the entrance to a whole maze of mouse paths and so I had to wait.”

“Why did you have to wait?”

“You do ask silly questions Mrs. Human. I had to wait for the mouse/mice to appear. I put my paw into the hole and could feel the vibrations beneath the ground. The sun was soon high in the sky and no mouse appeared, so I decided to walk further.”

“Was Roschti still there?”

“No idea, he was not my principal worry at that moment. I was tired and found a nice sheltered place beneath a tree, so I curled up and when I awoke the sun was different, so I assumed it was later. I took an exploratory look at the surroundings and found they were interesting. I don’t think I had ever been so far from home. It was really a fun trip. There was an animal in the tree with a big bushy tail, so I gave it a friendly meow. As it did not return the meow I decided it was not feline or friendly which was a shame, although the bushy tail did not look so edible, but I imagined the delights of clamping this strange creature between my teeth. It looked quite tasty. I tried to climb the tree, and discovered a comfortable branch, with a good view, so I rested a while. In he meanwhile the creature with the bushy tail disappeared into a hole in the tree trunk and so I was forced to wait until it appeared again.”

“Forced to wait?”

“Well you never know. By this time I was really feeling hungry. Anyhow as I decided that long walks were not so profitable and I decided to return home and now I am here.”

“I am glad Tabby, I was worried.”

“Ok, let’s forget the worry bit, where’s the tuna fish: my welcome home dish.” 

Daily Feline Prompt: My Feline FavoUrite