Daily Feline Prompt: Polished Claws


“You don’t look very happy Tabby.”

“Mrs. Human “Happy” does not exist in meow. Felines are well balanced, we have no such mood swings like humans.”

“You mean you never feel sad or enjoy life.”

“Of course I feel “sad” when you fill my food bowl with the indigestable hard vitamin pellts, which are supposed to be good for me. When you are no. 1 you do not enjoy life, you are life, the centre of attention, the No. 1 in the feline world, and in the human world as well of course, but do not forget felines first. And now it is time for a manicure.”

“No Tabby, not on the table leg.”

“Yes, how right you are Mrs. Human. The table leg is no longer very suitable, there are too many scratch marks there and the surface is no longer so smooth.”

“Where are you going?”

“To your sleeping cushions. They have a very nice surround of the finest wood that has never been scratched.”

“No Tabby, you will not sharpen your claws on my wonderful polished wooden surfaces in the bedroom.”

“But they look out of place in our home. Everywhere else I have left my marks, and this will be a first time. I am sure the pattern will match the other marks in our appartment.”

“Why don’t you go outside in the garden and sharpen your claws on a tree like any other feline.”

“You have found the answer youself Mrs. Human. I am not any other feline, I am the one and only Tabby who was once worshipped as a god in the old country. My ancestors could scratch where they wanted to, it all belonged to us. They even imortalised our scratch marks. Archeologists still praise them as the ancient writings of the day, known as hieroglyphics, although they were just the marks we left behing when sharpening our claws.

“But we leared in the school it was the first alphabet.”

“It was, feline made. So now for a claw sharpen. I have┬áthe urge┬áto write some symbols on the table leg.”


Daily Feline Prompt: Polished Claws