Feline RDP #40: Dappled Feline


I am a little dappled, it is according to how the lighting effects make my fur even more beautiful that it already is. This is a special pose for all my fans and jealous felines who would like to be as beautiful as I am. This proves how wonderful I am with my slight dappleness. See the Macdoalds “M” on my forehead, of course it is ¬†there. It is a perfect sample of impressionism and dadaism combined with its marked lines in between, although let’s face it, it is pure perfectionism.

I could spend all day looking at my reflection in my bowl of water. And note the whiskers, their synchronisation to my wonderful nose. Can you see the resemblance between my eyes and those of the Meow Mona Lisa. Actually I was the model, but do not want to show off. Leonardo da Paws told me to keep quiet about it, not wanting to cause  feline disagreements, those other felines can be so jealous.

You should see me when I am resting beneath a tree, that is a feast for the artistic eyes with the shade of the branches falling on my perfect body. And when I walk and the lotus flowers spring from my paws, fantastic.

“What did you say Mrs. Human, I should stop showing off. I am not showing off, the truth always hurts. Time for dinner, tuna fish. No problem, but when I have finished tell me if I have any fishy bits hanging on my whiskers, we do not want to spoil the general impression of beauty.”

You know those humans can be so jealous sometimes.

Feline RDP #40: Dappled Feline