Daily Feline Prompt: Sailing feline


“Tabby, what are you doing with your water bowl.”

“It is obvious Mrs. Human, I am sailing my paw in the water and testing the temperature to see if it is ready to drink. Please do not interrupt, I have to concentrate on this delicate work and do not want my paw to sink and lose it.”

“But the bowl is not very deep Tabby. I am sure there is no danger.”

“You never know. I have to practice my sailing qualities. Perhaps one day I will visit my friends over the pond and that is very deep.”

“Tabby I do not think that would be a good idea, felines do not swim so well.”

“It depends on the depth of the water and my friend Dusty, who is a canine, said today would not be a good day to visit. He is spending the day hiding because his country is celebrating Noise Day.”

“Noise Day?”

“Yes it seems to be something like our 1st August when everything explodes in the sky and noises take over. Even my wall shakes in case it will be hit. Dusty, my online doggy friend says that it happens every year where he lives. ¬†All the humans are celebrating and all the dogs and cats are hiding, hoping that it will go away. I told him to hide under his human’s bed, but he said there is no room left because the other canines where he lives are already there.”

Daily Prompt: Sailing Feline