Daily Feline Prompt: Shallow Feline depths


Another obstacle to conquer in my daily feline life. Shall I jump over the bottomless pit, or return and go the other way. If I jump I might not reach the other side and lose one of my remaining 5 lives on the way. It would not be a soft landing with all those boulders at the bottom. I might even break a claw, even worse a paw or a leg.

On the other paw I am the feline wonder, fear nothing and achieve everything. It is really only a small step for a feline but a large jump for a lost life and it could have consequences. If I arrive at the other side who knows what I may encounter. They took my normal walk away. It was then shallow, with no depth. I could walk across to the other side, but then there was no other side if I remember rightly. They took my tiles away, they removed my right to walk on the safe side and now all that is left is jumping over the pit.

On the other paw it is not really very far. If I calculated the trigonometrous values of the jump, assuming that falling would be at an angle of 90°, the cosine, tangent and sine must also have their correct values. As Paws Pythagoras said, the square of the whiskers is equal to the sum of the squares measured from the tail to the nose, including the left back paw or was it the right back paw. Of course it depends upon the congruency of taking a leap across the gap, which I should really be aware of. Of course when the feline collapse of the superposition of a qubit meows enough times, we find an equation that describes its superposition, the probability that it will result in a zero or one more whisker of balance. Are you following me? It doesn’t matter because I seem to have lost a whisker on the way.

I have decided to give the whole thing up. No good risking another life just to get to the other side. I will sleep it over. In the meanwhile the gap might go away.

Daily Feline Prompt: Shallow Feline depths