Daily Feline Prompt: Shining Feline


“Tabby you are sleeping your life away.”

“Which one, Mrs. Human? 4 of them have already disappeared and I now only have five left. It cannot be No. 9 life, as I am not ready for that one yet.”

“It is just a figure of speech Tabby.”

“But definitely not Meow speech. I suppose I should rise and shine as we felines say, after a long meditation. I have places to go and things to see.”

“Oh, I did not realised you had such a full apppointment calendar.”

“I always have stress Mrs. Human. First of all I have to check my food bowl to see if something intersting has arrived whilst I have been sleeping.”

“I topped up your vitamin pellets Tabby, to make sure you have enough to eat.”

“I was thinking more in the lines of something special, something to brighten up my day, to make the sun shine on my fur. Vitamin pellets are not exactly a highlight. They have no “umph” and certainly do not activate my taste buds. Any tuna fish around?”

“Today is not tuna fish day Tabby.”

“Every day is a tuna fish day Mrs. Human.”

“Not in my calendar Tabby.”

“Another human mistake. We do not have calendars in Meow, we do not need them. We feel it in the whiskers and my whiskers tell me tuna fish.”

“I do not have such wonderful shiny long whiskers Tabby, that seem to be a feline radar system for trapping tuna fish signals.”

“Another mistake in the human construction. In that case you leave me no choice but to do what I must do.”

“You are going places?”

“Yes, I am searching for a feline bed.”

“But you have just been sleeping, I though you were going places.”

“I am, I am going places to find a different bed. It is boring sleeping in the same place all the time, I have to have diversity in my life. It is monotonous to sleep on the same round cushion, I am now looking for something long and soft, like a human bed.”

“No Tabby, my bed cover is afterwards full of feline fur.”

“You should accept that as an honour Mrs. Human, I do not leave my fur on any surface. I choose very carefully. Wake me up if the vitamin pellets are replaced by something more tasty.”

“But I said today is not tuna fish day.”

“And I said today is tuna fish day. I like to have the last meow in a human-feline discussion.”

“Yes, I noticed Tabby.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Shining Feline