Feline RDP#24: Feline Rejuvenation


“Sleeping Tabby?”

“is that a question or a statement Mrs. Human?”

“You tell me Tabby.”

“I was relaxing from a rejuvenation sleep.”

“You rejuvenate when sleeping?”

“Of course, at least six hours a day are necessary- Actually 23 hours a day, because we need to save an hour for searching for somewhere to sleep. I have to maintain my youthful looks , cannot afford to let my whiskers begin to droop. And I must keep fit for food hunting.  The birds, mice and other flying and creeping meals on feet do not arrive in my territory, I must search and find them. That is very exhausting work.”

“I suppose it would be Tabby, if you had to do it, but I usually open a tin or packet and fill your bowl with the food, so you just wait until you hear the food preparation signals in the kitchen and come and eat it. I cannot remember the last time you hunted for anything.”

“Shh Mrs. Human, not everyone has to know the sordid truth. What will the other felines think when they realise that I am not the fearless hunter they think I am, killing any birds and mice that may cross my pawpath. I would lose my respect. And after all I have you for the daily food supplies, so why should I raise a paw for the food.”

“Of course Tabby, I can let you get on with the food supply on your own if you would prefer to keep your reputation as the killer cat.”

“No, Mrs. Human. It is OK, I hate licking the blood from my paws afterwards. Just open the tin and fill the bowl, same process as every day. No good changing the routine, and it keeps me young of course. Just wake me up when the food is served.”

Feline RDP#24: Feline Rejuvenation



You found me, good. They pushed me out of the daily prompts and said they did not want me any more. Me, the best thing that ever happened since the tin opener. I have now created my own little place. Just give me a pawshake and say a meow and you will find me every day, unless I might oversleep. That can happen now and again.

Today was smooth runnings. I awoke to a fresh day with sunshine and noises of the slugs advancing in the undergrowth, so changed my position to inside where it was quiet and less sticky from the slugs. I decided to sleep a few hours. In the distance I heard Mr.and Mrs. Human leaving on a   quest for more tins of tuna fish I hope. She said something about week-end shopping. They returned and woke me up with noises of getting things ready for their dinner. Unfortunately they do not eat tuna fish, but they had some salmon so I sat next to the table staring to give them a bad conscience until they gave me some.

An hour later Mrs. Human decided to sleep so I joined her. Funny that humans do not sleep as much as we felines. And now I a taking a few minutes rest in the garden. Life can be so exhausting. Now and again I changed my position due to the sun moving which can be very annoying. Suns should stay where they are.

It looks like it will be an exciting evening. I decided to stay outside, when the sun goes down, on the nice warm tiles on the patio. It is then that I become a cat on a hot tiled patio.


Daily Feline Prompt: High Feline Noon

At noon today, take a pause in what you’re doing or thinking about. Make a note of it, and write a post about it later.

Gr�gu sleeping

“Look Tabby, that was me at noon.”

“Of course it was, so I don’t really get the hang of this. It is definitely a human thing, this noon. Noons are there for sleeping, so are mornings and afternoons, and most of the night. Taking a break is nothing special.”

“Now and again we do take breaks Tabby.”

“For what?”

“Have you never had that feeling that there is something missing in your feline life. Something you must do. Finish a job that we have begun.”

“Not really Fluffy, I don’t do jobs, I exist and therefore I am.”

“Keep all that philosophy stuff to yourself Tabby, When you speak on a higher level, it confuses my whiskers.”

“Fluffy there is a purpose in a feline life, many purposes and it is good to think about them. The famous Chinese philosopher, Felucious said “To spend time sleeping is a gift, but to spend time searching for a place to sleep is a reward.”

“So what is the meaning of those wise words Tabby.?”

“It is obvious. Every moment we sleep is a gift to our intelligence, but our time to sleep is limited, so how do we fill the remaining hours of the day when we have slept.”

“We eat tuna fish?”

“Not exactly Fluffy, that is a once a week occasion.”

“We mark our territory.”

“That is just a natural process. No Fluffy, we have slept and with the time that remains, in between eating and hunting, we search for a place to sleep.”

“Of course Tabby, how stupid of me. By the way Mr. Human removed the feline play centre.”

“I know, I never really stooped to using it, it is a human idea that we felines must have a play center. We do not play, we study and learn and …..”

“And sleep, yes, but Tabby, I sometimes sleep on the cat play center.”

“That is your problem.”

“Tabby I have found a new place to sleep, much better.”


“On that nice comfortable chair that Mr. Human uses when he watches that box with the moving pictures.”

“Good idea Fluffy. Do not forget everything we know is feline philosphy: When we are hungry, we eat. When we are tired, we sleep and when we go to the vet’s, we pee on our humans and the vet.”

Daily Feline Prompt: High Feline Noon

From Time to Time


“Hey Tabby, come and have a look. I am sure we can compose something for this week’s challenge”. Nera the cat was sitting at Mrs. Human’s computer again. Mrs. Human was shopping for tuna fish so Nera knew she could work undisturbed. That was Nera’s idea. Actually Mrs. Human was buying food for the family, but such things did not interest a cat. Why should it? The purpose of shopping was to buy tuna fish. Her two feline colleagues, Tabby and Fluffy agreed.

Tabby’s interest was awakened by Nera’s comments and she pawed her way to Nera to see what was so interesting.

“Now that is an easy one” said Tabby to Nera.

“OK, clever cat, then what shall we write.” Nera glared at Tabby with her yellow eyes.

“Well, for instance” began Tabby “you can write from time to time cats like to sleep.”

“Is that a joke” asked Fluffy, who had also decided to help. “Tabby you never sleep from time to time, you sleep all day. I heard Mrs. Human say once that you sleep twenty-three hours a day and spend an hour looking for somewhere to sleep.”

“Sleep is important for a cat” miaowed Tabby, “even you like to curl up and sleep most of the time Fluffy.”

“I know Tabby, but only for an hour or so. Not all day and night like you sleep.”

“Hiss” said Fluffy to Tabby “you don’t have to swipe your paw over my nose.”

“Fluffy you don’t have to insult me. My sleep is a precious thing.”

“Listen felines” Nera had decided this conversation was leading nowhere “I have decided to strike the sleep bit, it seems it is not something we do from time to time, but most of the time: agreed?”

The two other cats shook their heads in accordance with Nera’s words. Nera was always right, at least she thought she was and Tabby and Fluffy decided it was better if she thought that way.

“I know” Fluffy spoke “from time to time we eat tuna fish.”

At this remark Nera and Tabby both did a cat laugh.

“You must be joking” said Nera.”Forget it. I am not writing such rubbish. If Mrs. Human reads that she will buy and serve even less tuna fish. It is now an insult that we only get it on Wednesday and Sunday, and I can imagine that the Sunday ration will disappear entirely.”

“We are getting nowhere with this” and Tabby did a scratch behind her ear, which usually meant time to sleep.

“Tabby” said Nera “stop scratching your ear, your next movement is a quick lick, afterwards a triple circular movement and then you are somewhere in cat nirvana for ten hours. Stay awake and concentrate.”

“Nera how can I concentrate when I feel tired?”

“Listen felines, the quicker you have an idea what we do from time to time, the quicker I have written this piece and posted it on the computer.”

“So what is so important about it in any case Nera?” asked the other two cats.

“Cats, you are not only sleep and wash machines, but stupid. If I write what we do from time to time, it will be read by other humans who are owned by cats like our Mrs. Human is, and all cats will benefit from my words. I will be famous and worshipped by our feline friends.”

“Oh, there she goes again” Tabby and Fluffy started to snigger behind their paws.

“What does that supposed to mean” Nera asked.

“Sorry Nera” Tabby said “but self praise is no recommendation.”

“I am not praising myself, I don’t need to. Everyone knows I am the most beautiful sleeky long furred black cat here and my words are important. And now I am tired from this trivial conversation with two stupid felines. I will have a sleep for a few hours and when I am awake I am sure I will write a masterpiece on the computer.

Nera curled up and in five minutes was sleeping. Tabby followed her example and Fluffy began to write on the computer “From time to time Nera gets on my nerves with her showing off, but luckily she doesn’t sleep from time to time, but most of the time.” And with those last words Fluffy also rolled up and slept.

My Sleeping Places by Fluffy the Cat

Mrs. Human said as it is my birthday tomorrow I can do a blog all on my own, so I thought I would tell you about life at home.

Fluffy in the drums

“At last a nice comfortable warm place for a sleep. Since Mr. Human has got himself an electronic drum set for practicing life is much more comfortable. I like sleeping in places that are a little bit off limits. I used to make myself comfortable on the armchair in the living room, but that got a bit noisy with time and Mr. and Mrs. Human were always walking past and disturbing my dreams. Then I found sleeping behind the books in the bookshelf was quite handy. Mr. and Mrs. Human even had to look for me as I was so nicely hidden. Even the other two cats, Tabby and Nera, didn’t know I was there, although Nera said if she bothered to have a sniff around she would have found me, but she spends most of the time outside since the summer days arrived.

Fluffy peeping from behind the books

Tabby leaves me in peace. She is more at home in Mrs. Human’s office on her chair, although Mrs. Human doesn’t like that very much because she then has to sit on an uncomfortable stool. Tabby told me she really only sleeps there to show who has the claws on in the house. Her favourite place for sleeping is on top of the wardrobe where she can observe everything that happens in our home. That can sometimes be a problem as Nera also likes to sleep up there and that is often the cause of a slight misunderstanding. There is usually a hiss and a paw fight but my two cat colleagues usually find a solution.

Nera behind the TV

Either Nera comes down from the cupboard and cools down behind the television or Tabby just closes her eyes and sleeps and pretends that Nera is not there. Then usually both cats sleep on the wardrobe. I am not allowed to climb up there. I could if I wanted too, but Mrs. Human gets worried as I don’t see anything and she thinks I might fall down from the wardrobe instead of jumping down. I think she has a point there, so I just don’t bother.


So now that Mr. Human is practicing drums and has his electronic drum set in the living room it is idea. It seems that you have to put it on something stable and he found a nice little carpet which he finds ideal. I find it the best solution as it makes a wonderful comfortable sleeping place. When he is practicing I usually make myself comfortable in the corner. It can sometimes get noisy, but it is always noisy at the human’s home. If it is not the dust eating monster they use, it is their radio or television, so what difference does it make that we now have a set of practice drums. During the night when the humans sleep I can curl up on the carpet and sleep the hours away. Strange animals humans, they walk on two legs, they don’t purr or meow and always sleep at night. Any self-respecting cat is then on its way enjoying outdoor life.

Me, being blind, they don’t let me out any more at night. I did escape once and quite enjoyed it, but I realized that I did not know where I was. I suddenly heard the voice of Mr. Human calling me and then he found me. He picked me up and carried me home and I was glad, although I naturally fought a bit in his arms. After all we cats don’t have to tell the humans what our real feelings are. We have to make sure that we have success with our training programme.

So that is enough for today. I can see Mrs. Human on her way to the computer and I will disappear to my favourite sleeping place. Will be back tomorrow with another exciting story about my life with the humans.