Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Slur

Roschti 22.02 (1)

“Mrs. Human, what is that apology for a feline doing on MY blog Hissss”

“Tabby, calm down, and stop spitting and scratching the leg of the table. It is not your blog, I pay for it.”

“Mrs. Human, money does not exist in meow and thus “pay” also does not exist. This blog is a example of my creativity, my eau de whiskers, the essence of my feline life. I spend hours deciding on the wisdom I can impart on my blog and you upload a photo of my biggest enemy in the area. You even took the photo while he was sitting in my territory.”

“Calm down Tabby, it is the neighbourhood feline, Roschti. You share so much together.”

“We do not share, we fight for our rights and this photo is an insult to my intelligence, a slur on my feline rights.”

“But it is such a nice photo, and Roschti was posimg for the photo.”

“And where was I when this event took place? Did you ask my permission, did you come to tell me that Roschti was sitting where I like to sit? No, of course not, I am just a small detail in this feline realm. And look at the right front paw, disgusting.”

“You were sleeping when Roschti decided to take a walk though the garden. He paused awhile and posed for the photo. What is so distrubing about the paw?”

“The paw, it is the front right paw, the paw reserved for actions showing possession. When a feline places that special paw in such a suggestive pose, it means something, it is an insult. It is a possessive paw, this is my land, my territory from the apple tree to the hedge and everything between belongs to me. I will now have to fight for my feline rights in this area.  I spent many years claiming my land and you have destroyed it with a mobile phone uploaded photo.”

“But Tabby, I am sure that Roschti meant no harm, he was just calling to say hello.”

“Felines do not call to say hello, we call to say move.”

“But whenever Roschti visits, you make a quick disappearance through the cat flap.”

“Yes, well that is just a coincidence because he always arrives when I want to take a sleep.”

“Strange coincidences Tabby. Anyhow Roschti  has now gone to his own territory. You could take possession of his territory perhaps?”

“No time Mrs. Human, I have to catch up on my sleep.”

Daily Feline Prompt: The Feline Slur