Daily Feline Prompt: Triumphal Feline

Tabby 09.p06.2017

“Got it.”

“Tabby what are you doing.”

“What does it look like, I am celebrating yet another triumph againstĀ them.”

“Who are “them”?”

“Those that cause me to partake in a complete overall cleaning session.”

“But who are they?”

“How am I supposed to know when I conquer them each time they arrive.”

“Well they certainly seem to arrive in strange places.”

“Do I hear a jealous tone in your voice Mrs. Human? We felines can do it, we are equipped with our multiple abilities. I bet you couldn’t raise your right back leg and sink your teeth into ……”

“OK, Tabby, spare me the sordid details. We do not have back legs in any case.”

“Of course you do, but you just call them legs because you have something called arms which are actually front legs. Now if you would apply your arms and legs as we felines, you would be able to walk with all of them and even discover things by raising your back leg..”

“But humans do not need to walk on four legs, two are enough. We use our arms for other things.”

“Such as?”

Like using our paws at the end with their opposable thumbs for opening tins of tuna fish with a tin opener.”

“A very good argument Mrs. Human, I must admit. Perhaps I should learn to walk on my back legs. On the other hand if I did not have four legs I would not be able to do certain operations like just now.”

“You mean removing things from your fur.”

“Removing things – not at all. I just give them a bite, they are dead, and eventually stop moving. Just try sitting on the floor and raising your back leg Mrs. Human. You can keep your balance by using your arms I am sure.”

“But I do not have to Tabby, I can use my opposable thumbs if I really need to remove anything, but as I do not have fur, there is no need.”

“You have fur on your head.”

“That is not fur Tabby, we call it hair.”

“Humans are a toalĀ  misconstruction. Arms, hair on their heads and an inabilitiy to remove things by adjusting their limbs.”

“Tabby if were were all alike, then there would be no need for humans to open the tuna fish tins.”

“Let’s change the subject, for something humans must be worth keeping as slaves I suppose.”

Daily Feline Prompt: Triumphal Feline